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Ashley Franklin, Derby City

Carol's Total Immersion talk is put together with the same care, finesse and dynamism that distinguishes her creative and artistic composites. Hers is a remarkable journey and our members were very impressed by her ardour and passion as she made her way from raw beginner to Fellowship distinction. Carol is a supreme portraitist and I can see this talk inspiring a legion of photographers.

Keyworth Camera Club

This evening Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP CPAGB BPE2* visited the club to give her presentation Total Immersion. This talk documented Carol's introduction into photography and how it then became an obsession that has seen her with countless awards and achieve a Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society - all this in just a few short years. Determination and preparation being a large part of her success.

Carol didn't hide anything as she explained where her ideas came from, her techniques in post-processing, her methods of working and where she got her wonderful costumes and props. Carol's patter also included plenty of comic quips and humorous anecdotes that had the audience laughing out loud.

All of this was supported by many projected photographs, including before and after pictures. These looked extremely good but to see the real excellence of Carol's work you had to look at her prints, and Carol had brought along her FRPS panel of fairy tale imagery based on illustrations found in old-time books. These prints were nothing short of stunning, in quality, content and presentation.

The evening was very well received and our membership left in awe of those prints, filled with aspirations to achieve something of their own that matches the beauty of Carol's FRPS panel.

Thank-you Carol, for agreeing to visit KCC, your presentation will certainly be one of the highlights of the year.

Bill, Surrey

I approached my first PhotoArt Experience shoot with high expectations, and they were surpassed. Carol and Bob have brought together first class models, costumes and locations to provide stunning opportunities for small groups of photographers. Everyone has the opportunity to direct the models, ensuring they capture unique images, with Carol providing expert guidance on those important details that make the images truly special. I found the atmosphere at the Pre-Raphaelite and Vintage events both relaxed and productive, and I look forward to signing up for more this year. The shoots are great value for money and earn a solid five star recommendation.

Chris Keenan, Rushcliffe Photographic Society

Having previously presented a lecture at our Society about her FRPS panel, Carol returned to spend a Saturday morning in conversation with our Society’s distinctions group on the topic of gaining distinctions. She gave freely of her time and our group really appreciated her generosity, honesty and openness about her own experiences. Carol spoke from the heart about the ups and downs of going for distinctions both with the RPS and PAGB, and was incredibly encouraging. Her infectious enthusiasm has energised, inspired and motivated our group and we will definitely be building on the advice and tips that she so generously shared with us.

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